Squash has previously been voted by Forbes Magazine as the "World's Healthiest Sport" which is something we're very proud of at the Royal Glenora Club! The sport is regularly touted in many health magazines as being one of the top five sports in the world for burning calories and is often referred to by many as "physical chess." Squash is the only racquet sport in the Club that has the extra dimension of having to look 360 degrees around you, as the back wall is a part of the game, so it engages all your senses and brings your peripheral vision into sharp focus!

For more information on anything to do with Squash here at the RGC, please visit the squash office (located in the Squash Area between the doubles court and court 7) or reach out Pete Goodings, our Head Squash Professional and Manager, at pete.goodings@royalglenora.com.

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Inter-League Squash Players,

Below is the full knock-out draw for the Inter-League Squash Play-Offs. 

Playoffs Knock Out Draw Winners | December 7
Playoff Knock Out Draw Winners | December 14

2021 Alberta Junior Jesters Squash Report

NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Last weekend we had 20 players travel down to Calgary to represent RGC in the 2021 Alberta Junior Jesters Squash tournament, which due to COVID restrictions was held over 2 venues – namely the Glencoe Club & the Bow Valley Club – players were as follows:

Alp Zahedzadeh, Mohamed (Momo) Elserafy, Taylor Garth, Arran Green, Rhona Green, Bito Kondrak, Gamo Kondrak, Mousa Weis, Nathan Whitlow, Jordan Miller, Evan Watson, Matthew Young, Sebastian Young, Zayah Khambral, Eden Bradley-Taubner, Sky Bradley-Taubner, Harper Mundy-Kloberdanz, Eva Ghai, Renee Lajoie & Chelsea Leung.
To say we had an outstanding showing was an understatement! 
Bow Valley Club:

The Royal Glenora Club had 5 athletes in the Girls and Boys Under 11 and Under 13 categories playing Jesters at the newly opened Bow Valley Club.  Both Sebastian Young and Alp Zahedzadeh lost tough matches in the quarterfinals, going on to finish 5th and 7th respectively, learning some great lessons in tactics and mental strength.  Harper Mundy-Kloberdanz made it to the semi-final group, running hard but coming up just short in her epic 3/4 final match and finished 4th.  Zayah Khambral, in her first travelling event, went home with an awesome 3rd place finish, coming back from 2-0 down twice in the tournament!  Finally, Sky Bradley-Taubner, who finished 7th overall, took home the Sportsmanship Award (which was accompanied by an APPLE WATCH!) as voted by the pro's and referees at the event. 

We are incredibly proud of this great showing of competitiveness and fair play by all of our young RGC squashers - here's looking forward to more from them in the near future!

Glencoe Club:

Eden showed how her hard work and dedication has been working well, earning her an outstanding Bronze Medal in the Girls U15 event, beating Eva for the ¾ play-off – both girls playing very well in the match, Eden just having the physical edge at the end.
Chelsea came 6th in this group on her first outing at a major event and did herself proud while also experiencing a tremendous positive learning curve on the way.

Renee had a couple of wobbles at the start of her first big event but settled down in the latter rounds and even though she came 11th, she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Rhona Green had an excellent event, taking 6th spot in the GU17 category and came very close to pinching 4th spot, proving all the hard work she’s been doing recently has paid off – however the next day after returning to the club she was back taking a lesson to work on the area’s she wanted to address – she’s certainly hungry for more!

Momo was out highest rated player and managed to get through to the quarter finals round in the Boys U15 event, but at this age group it’s so very tough when there are a lot of guys/girls who have had grown taller & stronger and are often starting to play like adults – a tough ask, when you’ve yet to take that leap, eventually finishing in 7-8 spot.

Arran took 15-16 spot with some athletic, skillful performances and if he can iron out a few technical aspects of his game, will become a real force to be reckoned with.

Taylor had a huge learning curve during this event and ended on a high note in his last game and played some of his best Squash, coming in 21st out of 36 players.

Gamo gained an insight into competition play with his first outing in a big event and came 23-24 spot while Mousa finished 27-28 after a couple of close matches.  Both Mousa and Gamo know they have some work to do but they were both philosophical about coming back and working on their game.

Nathan ended up in 31-23 spot with one win under his belt in the event and got better as the event went on, learning more about how to play to an opponent’s weaknesses.

Evan Watson took 4th in the BU17 and although he benefitted from the # 2 seed withdrawing on the day, he earned his spot with some outstanding play, pushing the # 3 seed close in his semi-final match, also maintaining this level of play in the ¾ play-off.
Matthew came 8th in this group and was generally pleased with his performances considering he’s been carrying an injury for a few months now.  He has the game to mix it with the higher rated players for sure – he just needs to stay injury free to make this a reality and we’re really excited about this prospect.

Jordan unfortunately had to leave on Saturday as his father had a work emergency and so finished 19-20th & and Bito finished 21st, both players having some very good matches and learned a great deal about what they need to work on when getting back home.

All things considered, the RG shone very brightly at this event and many other coaches, parents and players commended both Adrian & I for the clear improvements we’d achieved with everyone as it’s a relatively small community and everyone knows each other right across the country.

Lastly a HUGE thank you to the parents for their continued support and for driving them around to training, events, and competitions – without your ongoing and continued support your junior athletes would for sure not be where they’re at!  It’s all one big team effort and it does need saying.

So, it’s onward and upward for the rest of the season - the next major events being the BC Jesters in February 2022 and the Nationals 2 months later in April, but several more warm-up events in between – watch this space!

Lots to get done but so much more to come…

Best regards
Pete & Adrian


 Squash Professionals

Pete Goodings | Squash Manager/Head Squash Professional | pete.goodings@royalglenora.com

  • Ex-England O-35’s International

  • UK Royal Air Force (RAF) 4-time National Squash Champion

  • Ex-UK RAF Physical Training Instructor (Staff Instructor)

  • Level 3 Coach

“For me Squash is the epitome of both a physical and mental battle in sport. There’s nowhere to hide on a squash court and it’s unique compared to many other racquet sports as there’s no net to separate you from your opponent. Every time I step on court I feel like I learn something new about the game and I never stop wanting to pass this learning on to others. I also like to have as much fun out there as I can and often try to achieve ‘impossible’ shots!”

Adrian De Vries | Assistant Squash Professional | squash@royalglenora.com

  • Multi-time Alberta Junior Squash Champion

  • # 1 Squash player in Canada for 50+ (Oct 2020)
  • Represented Alberta at the 2011 Canada Games

  • Top 8 Junior Nationals

  • Highest Alberta Senior Ranking – 5

  • Certified Level 1 Coach

  • In-training for Levels 2 and 3

"I've grown up around the courts and learned to love each facet of the game. Having caught the bug early on, squash morphed from just another sport to play into a full-on lifestyle. My main focus now is on the technical side, striving for efficiency with my swing and movement. Whether it be coaching or playing I try to push a smooth, stylish, and always fun form of squash."





Pete Goodings
Squash Manager/Head Squash Professional