Massage Therapy

One of the oldest healing arts...

Massage therapy is part of many physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation programs. The biochemistry that's in play when your body is massaged results in increased levels of feel-good neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, while levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease. Several studies have shown that a massage works well for all age spectrums from infants to end-of-life care. 

What to expect at the RGC when you arrive for your massage...

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out a health history form. Your RMT will discuss treatment details with you as well as your health history. You are encouraged to ask questions or discuss any health concerns at this time. 

Your therapist will then leave the room to give you privacy to undress to whatever level that is comfortable for you. If you prefer to receive treatment over your clothing, that is possible! However, treatment is most beneficial working directly on the skin. At thsi time, you can climb onto the massage therapy table and cover yourself with the sheets and blanket provided. You will be covered by a sheet at all times and only the area being treated will be exposed to the therapist. 

Feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have! Communication is always welcome and is key to successful treatment. 

At the completion of your massage, the therapist will leave the room and you will have privacy to redress. 
At the RGC, you will sign a chit which will be processed by Member Services to directly charge your account for the treatment. You will be provided a receipt which you may submit to your extended health benefit insurance company (if you have benefits for registered massage therapy) for reimbursement. 

Please note that Massage Therapy services are temporarily unavailable due to Redevelopment work taking place in the area. Stay tuned for when services become available again!

Massage Therapy Rates

30 minutes     $55.00  
45 minutes     $70.00  
60 minutes     $85.00  
90 minutes     $125.00