Gymnastics Programming

Artistic Gymnastics

The Royal Glenora Club offers gymnastics programs and private lessons for kids of all ages. Lessons begin with Parent and Tot classes where toddlers can discover the world of gymnastics with the watchful eye of their parent or guardian to help them along. Little ones then move on to lessons designed by Gymnastics Canada with programs such as CanGym and Boys Gym. These programs help kids develop and master their artistic gymnastics skills and earn different levels of badges.


Rhythmic Gymnastics

The RGC also offers lessons in rhythmic gymnastics: a beautiful Olympic sport in which individual gymnasts or groups of gymnasts have to manipulate various apparatuses, such as a rope, ball, ribbon, hoop, or clubs, to music.


Dance Lessons

Children are also able to learn dance technique through our Gymnastics Department. The Royal Glenora Club offers private and group classes in ballet and dance. We start with an introduction to dance and beginner ballet for girls and boys ages 3-6. Intermediate classes are available for older children.

Open Gym

Kids are welcome to join us Wednesday nights for Open Gym! While parents and guardians enjoy a nice, quiet meal or an intense workout, children can have fun and burn some energy under the watchful eye of our instructors in this open play gymnastics class. Members using Open Gym are asked to please register children in advance through GameTime.