Fitness Professionals

Naissa Preston, BSC, CFT | Fitness Manager |

Naissa has contributed to the fitness industry for over 20 years. She has a degree in nutrition and is a personal trainer, dry land coach for national figure skaters, a group instructor, and AFLCA trainer. Naissa has a passion for intelligent movement and is trained in Stott pilates, TRX, aquatic fitness, and older adult and group exercise. In her certification courses and workshops, students learn to identify their strengths and build their skills in a genuine and curiosity driven environment. Naissa brings her passion to the RGC and our Members every day!

Leanna Carriere | Personal Trainer & Group Fitness

Over the course of her career, Leanna has gained 10 years of experience as a personal trainer. During this time, she has been certified as a CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist, been certified in NCCP track and field, and is also certified in gymnastics, tennis, and spin. Leanna loves working with clients of all levels of fitness and enjoys helping clients reach their personal fitness goals. In her spare time, she is working towards completing her personal training diploma at NAIT.


Sandy Yoo | Personal Trainer & Group Fitness

Sandy has spent more than 10 years of her life as a personal trainer. Not only is she a CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist, but she is also spin certified and is working towards her personal training diploma at NAIT. Sandy loves to work with individuals of all walks of life, including sports teams and athletes. Sandy is highly motivational and eager to help all individuals reach their personal fitness goals.


Cathy Taskey | Personal Trainer

Cathy has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She has her Bachelor of Science from the U of A, her personal training diploma (with honours) from NAIT, and is AFLCA certified. Cathy believes that the essence of personal training is dedication to clients and providing a service based on unique needs and interests. Working with experts in the medical field has enriched Cathy's understanding of injuries, imbalances, and the range of challenges that come with maintaining a healthy body. She is known for her ability to work extremely well with clients who are working on weight loss or who live with a permanent physical or cognitive disability.


Mackenzie Baert | Personal Trainer

Even though Mackenzie has only spent a couple years as a personal trainer, she is no stranger to the world of fitness and will coach you through a workout like no other! Mackenzie spent 12 years coaching rhythmic gymnastics and 7 years coaching children and adults in circus training. She has her NCCP level II rhythmic gymnastics and NAFC personal training specialist certifications. Mackenzie works with anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength. She enjoys encouraging her clients to work hard to achieve their fitness goals.

Nicholas Tsoukalis | Personal Trainer

Nick has more than 10 years of training experience and has special interests in Olympic lifting, strength training, sports performance, and overcoming injuries. He is able to work with clients of any age or fitness level. Nick is one of the best at coaching proper lifting technique and is able to help you build a program that is specifically designed to help you get to your fitness goals.

Courtney Harcott | Personal Trainer

Courtney brings to the Royal Glenora Club 6 years of personal training experience. She is a CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist and has her PTA Global Certification. Courtney loves to work with clients who are at any level of fitness, of any age, and who have a variety of goals. Progress and results are what Courtney sees from her clients.


Lisa Workun | Personal Trainer & Certified Athletic Therapist

As a personal trainer and certified athletic therapist, Lisa assesses acute or chronic injuries and provides manual therapy to work in conjunction with exercise-focused rehabilitation in order to promote healing. Lisa loves helping people relieve their pain at any level so that they can continue to live out their active lifestyles pain free!