2021 Badminton Club Championships
Thank you all so much for participating in our long awaited Badminton Club Championships for 2021! We hope you enjoyed our event and got some great matches throughout the week.    A huge thank you to Coach Sam for all of his help with the draws and managing the draw desk for us.  Thank you Angela Cheung, Lily Gallegos, Hugo Yau, Kris Shenoy, and Keagan Cameron for volunteering some of  your time to help us during the week. 

Congratulations to all of our event winners from the week:

Men’s Singles Open Champion:  Kris Shenoy

Men’s Singles Open Finalist: Nojan Mannani

Men’s Singles Open Consolation winner: Austin Yau


Women’s Singles Open Champion: Gabby Vo-Loh

Women’s Singles Open Finalist: Ellen Tam


Men’s Singles C/D Champions: Keagan Cameron

Men’s Singles C/D Finalist: Kieran Shih


Women’s Singles C/D Champion: Lilly Gallegos

Women’s Singles C/D Finalist: Susan Hsu


Men’s Doubles Open Champions: Brandon Kot and Sanjay Bhambhani

Men’s Doubles Open Finalists: Brian Kong and Kris Shenoy

Men’s Doubles Open Consolation Winner: Nojan Mannani and Brennan Lee


Men’s Doubles C/D Champions: Ben Shih and Preston Shih

Men’s Doubles C/D Finalists: Davis Leung and Wojtek Malinski

Men’s Doubles C/D Consolation Winners: Austin Yau and Kelvin Yau


Women’s Doubles Open Champions: Gabby and Mayah Vo-Loh

Women’s Doubles Open Finalists: Samantha Hsu and Lily Bastell


Women’s Doubles C/D Champions: Lilly Gallegos and Cindy Lau

Women’s Doubles C/D Finalists: Roberta Grynoch and Lynn McGarvey


Mixed Doubles Open Champions: Ellen Tam and Brian Kong

Mixed Doubles Open Finalists: Willie and Ashley Cheung

Mixed Doubles Open Consolation Winner: Herbie Kot and Johnna Rymes


Mixed Doubles C/D Champions: Thomas Nakatsui and Lily Gallegos

Mixed Doubles C/D Finalists: Ray Tomcej and Roberta Grynoch

Mixed Doubles C/D Consolation Winners: Aiden Cameron and Hayeong Kim


We look forward to seeing you all back for our next events in 2022!


 Badminton Programming

Badminton Programs

In addition to open play, the Royal Glenora Club also offers organized competitive ladders and tournaments, social play, high-performance training programs, instructional clinics, and private and group lessons for players of all levels and ages



Valerie Loker
Badminton Head Coach/Manager