Tennis News


NEW Summer Program: Court Positioning Workshop 3.5+

Join Tennis Professional Zach Laycock every Friday from 9-10am to learn the fundamentals of doubles court positioning. Doubles is a game of strategy and positioning, so why not learn the what will impact your game the most? Registration opens on Thursday. Sign up quickly as space is limited to six participants. Sign up through GameTime.

NEW Fall 2018 Ladies’ Ladder Policy

Based on recommendations from our Court Utilization Sub-Committee, beginning Fall 2018 season, Members are only allowed to enter in one of the ladders offered. All registrations will be reviewed over the next couple of weeks to ensure that this new policy is being followed. If you have any questions or concerns please either speak to Ryan Schroffel or a Member of the Tennis Committee.

Upcoming Events

  • August 3-5 Outdoor Junior Challenger Provincials


Used Tennis Balls

We have recently changed all our coaching baskets and have boxes of used tennis balls. If anyone is interested in used tennis balls please contact Ryan Schroffel.

Tennis Committee Update

The Tennis Committee is made up of Members, just like you! We meet the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm. The current Tennis Committee is: Kerri Watt (Chair), Tracey Tully (Vice Chair), Jen Cleall (Secretary), Jerrold Diamond (Treasurer), Viv Mehta, Rick Kalwajtys, Gisele Davis, Nigel Lilley, Natalie Anton, Gabriella Makar, and Rozelle Winter
We do still have a few spots open on the Tennis Committee. If you are interested, please email