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New Squash Ball Feeding Machine!

Please note that as of Monday May 15, the brand new Squash Ball Feeding Machine can be loaned out from the Squash Office. There are a few mandatory conditions attached to the use of the ball machine, as follows:

  • The machine is for Member use only and is currently on a first come, first serve basis - not bookable.

  • Under no circumstances can the ball machine be used when the Head Squash Pro or Assistant Squash Pro are not in the squash area.

  • When you have finished using the machine you MUST let the Squash Pros know.

  • No one can use the machine unless you have been shown how to set it up and operate the controls - no exceptions!

  • The machine is not to be filled above the moving arms inside the machine (which can be seen when looking into the loading port) as this can/will cause the machine to jam.

  • If the machine stops working or gets jammed in any way, please turn the machine off immediately as this will help prolong the life of the motor and hopefully reduce any maintenance costs etc.

  • This next piece of information is the most important and will get re-emphasized when being shown how to use the machine - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ANYONE TO GO NEAR THE BALL FEEDING EXIT PORT WHILST THE MACHINE IS TURNED ON!!

For any further information please contact the Head Squash Pro on the following:



If you would like to contact the Squash Committee, please email squashcommittee@royalglenora.com. All emails are confidential and are directed to the Committee Chair.
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