Pickleball News


May Long Weekend!

We had a great turn out for Pickleball on Victoria Day! It was nice to see many close matches. Our team enjoys watching the players improve their skills from match-to-match. We hope to see more players on the courts as the sport continues to become more popular at the RGC!

Pickleball times

  • Monday: 11am-1pm

  • Friday: 11am-1pm

Join us in the Badminton Courts at the above times to play some pickleball!

Join us for Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that can easily be played by any person at any age. A highly transitional sport, one can effortlessly transfer the skills they use in other racquet sports to pickleball. The movement and hand-eye coordination are very similar to playing tennis, squash, badminton, or table tennis. Below are a few similarities between pickleball and other racquet sports:

  • Players serve either backhand or forehand, similarly to badminton, and the contact point is below the waist

  • Smashes, similar to tennis and badminton, are only allowed in the volley area (outside of the kitchen zone)

  • Top spins and underhand spins, much like in table tennis and tennis, can occur

It is a widely known fact that Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. In fact, many of our favourite vacation spots have dedicated pickleball courts for their guests’ enjoyment—it’s that easy to play!  

Fun fact: On April 21-30, 2017, Naples, FL held the US Open Pickleball Championship, which attracted 1300 players of different categories and ages using 48 courts.

At our Club, pickleball is every Monday and Friday from 11am-1pm. Please join us! Start now and keep active for life. We promise you that it is a lot of fun and you’ll have the opportunity to learn and enjoy a new sport. Join the trend that is offered at our Club!


Pickleball will run on Monday, May 22

We look forward to seeing you from 11am-1pm this holiday Monday!


For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding news from Pickleball, please contact Francis at badminton@royalglenora.com