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Did You Know…?

Did you know the Extended Guests section of the Membership Policy allows you to add visitors residing at least 80 kilometers from Edmonton to your account for up to two weeks, without paying guest fees? The policy states:
4.12      Extended Guests
Visitors who are guests of Members, living at least 50 miles/80 km from Edmonton, may use Club once per year for up to 14 days consecutively. Extended guests may access Club on their own, and all purchases must be added to their host Member’s account. Members registering extended guests with the Club are responsible for their guests’ behavior while in Club. Members are not charged daily guest fees for extended guests.
For more information, and to read through the Membership Policy, please visit the website under Member Documents.

Honorary Membership Nominations

The Membership Committee is now accepting nominations for Honorary Memberships. Members interested in nominating someone can do so here:

Nominate an Honorary Member

Nominations are accepted until August 31. In order to qualify for an Honorary Membership, an individual must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The individual has served RGC as an employee, contractor, or Member for a minimum of 10 years.

  2. The individual has made a lasting impact on Members or their area of service in RGC.

  3. The individual has developed a lasting and substantial relationship with RGC and its Members.

  4. No more than two (2) Honorary Memberships may be granted by the Board per year. Exceptions held for shareholding Members turning 85 years of age or older. 

Of the nominations of current Members for Honorary Memberships, the Membership Committee is only seeking nominations for Members who fulfill only the first three requirements listed above and not Members who qualify due to their age. Current Members automatically qualify for Honorary Memberships upon turning 85 years of age.

After nominations are received, the Membership Committee will review all qualified nominees and recommend two individuals for approval by the Board in October. 

Everything is Better with Friends!

Do you have a friend who is interested in joining the Club? Talk to Tracy Shaw-Aché, our Membership Sales Executive, about setting your friend up with a two-week trial Membership! You can email Tracy at

RGC Business Directory

Want to build your network with other RGC Members? For only $10, you can sign up to be listed in our online Business Directory on our website! This is an easy way to network with others from within the Club – you never know who may be looking to do business with someone like you or in your line of work! Sign up now by filling out our online form here!


Historical Committee

If you would like to contact the Historical Committee, please email All emails are confidential and are directed to the Committee Chair.