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Fitness Schedule - Summer 2017 schedule is now available

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Saturday Spin Class – Cancelled

Unfortunately the Saturday spin class that is scheduled from 9:30am – 10:25 will be cancelled beginning August 19, 2017 for the remainder of the summer. 

Fall Registered Fitness Schedule

The fitness schedule for fall will include a combination of both registered and drop-in classes. To learn how to sign up for classes or use your current Fit Card to attend classes, please see the poster below.
To register for fitness classes, visit
Registered Fitness Classes
Core Kick Boxing Session 1
Monday, September 11–October 23
Omit Monday, October 9
Cost: $150.00 + $10 fee for wrist straps
**Minimum of 8 participants required to run the class**
Core Kick Boxing Session 2
Monday, October 30–December 4
Cost: $150.00 + $10 fee for wrist straps
**Minimum of 8 participants required to run the class**
Total Body Circuit
Monday, September 11–December 18
Omit Monday, October 9
Cost: $140.00
**Minimum of 6 participants required to run the class**
Tuesday Hatha Yoga
Tuesday, September 5–December 19
Cost: $140.00
**Minimum of 7 participants required to run the class**
To register for fitness classes, visit

View the complete Fall 2017 Fitness Schedule on our website’s Recreation Schedules page.

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Personal Training

Need that extra bit of motivation for the summer to get out and get active? What better way to start your new fitness journey than with one of our person trainers. Contact for more information. 


Please remember some basic gym etiquette

  • Please put your weights away

  • Please take phone calls outside the gym

  • Equipment is meant for working out, NOT for lounging and checking emails, social media, or texts

  • Please be considerate of other Members and share the space and equipment

  • Remember to throw your paper cups away or, better yet, go green by purchasing a water bottle from the pro shop!

  • Used Kleenexes belong in the garbage can and not the gym floor

  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the Fitness Centre. Please take all calls in the Cafeteria

Members, this is your gym! Let’s all work together to keep it looking and functioning great!

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