Badminton News

Hallowe’en Boneyard Bash

Come and join us for our annual Jr. Hallowe’en party on Saturday, October 28 from 2-5pm. Registration will be available on GameTime shortly. Stay tuned for further details!

Court bookings

A friendly reminder to all Members that the Badminton Courts must be reserved on GameTime prior to using the courts. Also note that the Badminton Courts may be reserved by Members for badminton use only.  

Adult Social Play

Looking for a great way to socialize and get in some great exercise with your fellow Members? Please join us for Adult Badminton Social Play as it is one of our most popular programs at the RGC. This is a self-managed group that mix and mingle to set up games of doubles and/or mixed doubles games with all those that attend. Members are asked to bring their own shuttles and wear their indoor, non-marking court shoes.
Evening/weekend schedule: Mondays 7:30-9:30pm, Fridays 8-10pm, and Sundays 12-3pm
Daytime schedule: Tuesdays 10am-12pm

Fall Badminton Schedule

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Clinics and Lessons

Interested in improving your skills on the badminton court? Please check in with the Badminton Department to see which lesson or program would best suit your playing abilities and goals.  

Coaches & Coaching Update


Badminton Court Maintenance

As we would all like to keep the Badminton Courts in their best possible condition for the safety and enjoyment of all Members to use, please remember the following rules and etiquette when entering the Badminton Court area:

  1. Outdoor footwear is to be removed and kept outside the badminton hall. Please note that there is a new shoe rack just outside the entrance to court one. Outdoor footwear can be placed here or on the mats underneath our bulletin boards.

  2. Only indoor, non-marking and designated court shoes are permitted on the Badminton Courts. Please note that many running shoes have marking soles and will not be permitted on the Badminton Courts. Absolutely no black soles, flip flops, sandals, dress shoes, or high-heels are permitted.

  3. Proper footwear and athletic attire is mandatory when using the Badminton Courts. Bare feet and socks will not be permitted on court.

    An example of what to wear to enjoy your badminton games/play:
    1. Indoor, designated court shoes for badminton. Indoor, non-marking training shoes are also permitted.

    2. T-shirts, tank tops, collared shirts, warm-up sweatshirt or jacket.

    3. Shorts/track pants, sport skirts, skorts, or dresses.

  4. Please tidy up your court and put any used shuttles back in the baskets beside the posts. Please use the indoor dry mops to sweep your courts when you are finished playing.

  5. Absolutely no food is permitted on court. Only water bottles or closed liquid containers will be permitted in the area.  Exceptions are permitted for special events only where the floor has been covered.

*Note: If you are unsure about the footwear you should be using on the Badminton Courts, please feel welcome to ask one of our experienced Badminton Professionals as they can answer your questions and make any recommendations. Please stop by the Badminton Courts!


For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding news from Badminton, please contact Val at or by phone at 780.482.2371 ext. 384.

If you would like to contact the Badminton Committee, please email All emails are confidential and are directed to the Committee Chair.