Badminton News

2017 Badminton Club Championships

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join the 2017 Badminton Club Championships scheduled from May 1 -7! Main round matches will take place from Monday to Thursday in the evenings, while finals will be played on Sunday, May 7 at 3pm. Events:  Women’s and Men’s Singles, Women’s and Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Join us for dinner on Sunday, May 7 at 6pm.  Registration forms are available at Member Services and in the Badminton Office.  For more information, please contact!
The Badminton Committee is also seeking donations for the silent auction being held during the tournament. Please contact Bob Lamoreux to donate any items or services at

Spring and Summer Programs

Interested in sharpening your skills on the badminton courts? Whether you wish to learn the basics of the games, get additional sparring practice, or learn some more advanced techniques, our experienced coaching staff can help you achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact the Badminton Department to inquire about lesson time availability and rates!


Friendly Reminders

We ask that you please wear clean, indoor, and non-marking court shoes while on the Badminton courts. No black sole shoes are permitted o the courts. Please note that the Badminton Courts are for Members who wish to play badminton only; courts may not be booked for other activities unless approved by the Badminton Department. Please remember to sign in using GameTime when booking a court or attending social play. Thank you! 

Pickleball News

Pickleball times:

  • Monday: 11am-1pm

  • Friday: 11am-1pm

Join us in the Badminton Courts at the above times to play some pickleball!

Meet some of our pickleball players!

Transferring skills and passions for one sport to another sport is perhaps one of the most enduring and enjoyable parts of living an active lifestyle. Donna Finucane and Sheree Lickfold-Janke both displayed the transfer of passion and skill to pickleball last Friday.
Sheree Lickfold-Janke, an avid tennis player, uses all of her tennis skills effectively during pickleball. Her speed, her stroke, and her court sense make her a tough and enjoyable player to be up against, and it always makes for an entertaining game to watch! About the sport, Sheree says, “[it’s a] fun, social sport to drop-in and play, and there’s no need to worry about booking courts!”
Donna Finucane is very passionate about pickleball. She played pickleball regularly in the USA during the winter months. Well-refined skills and a strong court senses make her a very challenging opponent to play against.
 “Pickleball is the up and coming sport,” Donna says, “and it is great fun!”
Come join us for pickleball every Monday and Friday from 11am-1pm in the Badminton Courts!

Pictured above (left to right): Donna Finucane and Sheree Lickfold-Janke



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