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Pool Hours

Monday-Friday: 6am-10pm
Weekend/Holiday: 7am-9pm

Weekly Pool Schedules

Please click here to view the weekly pool schedules. Please note that the pool schedule may changed based on programming needs.

Aquatic Centre Closure – Saturday, November 18

On Saturday, November 18 the Aquatic Centre will be hosting the Keyano Time Trials. The Aquatic Centre will be closed from 7am-1pm. Parent and Tot and Pre-school 1-4 lessons will run according to regular schedule. Pre-school 5 and Swimmers 1-6 will be rescheduled for the afternoon. Please see below for more details:

Regular Time
Adjusted Time

Swimmer 4



Swimmer 1



Swimmer 2



Swimmer 5/6

10:30- 11:15am


Preschool 5



Swimmer 1



Your children’s success is important to us and we are committed to making sure they have the opportunity to complete their full session. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Aquatic Supervisor, Victoria Mitchell, at


The Aquafitness fall session will begin on Monday, September 18. There will be no Aquafit classes from September 1-17.

Aquatic Pass

As of September 1, 2017, the AquaPass will no longer be in effect. To register in an Aquafit class, you must register on GameTime. There are now four ways to pay: 

  • Monthly: $35/month

  • Per session: $120 (September 18-December 22); $90 (January 8-March 23) 

  • Yearly: $300/year

  • Drop in: $12/class

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Aquatic Supervisor, Victoria Mitchell, at

A Reminder to Parents with Little Ones

Please remember that if your child is six or under they will be asked to perform a swim test in the Teach Pool in order for them to swim by themselves. If the child does not complete the swim test, a caregiver who is 14 years of age or older will be asked to be in the water with them within arm’s reach. Thank you for your co-operation in helping us maintain a safe environment.

A number of pool contaminations have occurred as of late, so we would like to remind parents that swim diapers are required for children below three years of age. Please also ensure that adequate time between eating and entering the pool is exercised. Thank you for your co-operation in helping us maintain a safe and clean environment.

Want to Contact 3CO or Keyano Swim Club?

The Royal Glenora Club Aquatic Centre is a host facility for both the 3CO technique and fitness program and for the Edmonton Keyano Swim Club. All questions regarding these two programs should be directed to their director of operations:


Pool Phones are not Receiving Voicemail

Please note that unfortunately the pool office phones currently do not allow message recordings. If you need to leave a message for the Aquatics Team, please contact our Aquatic Supervisor, Victoria Mitchell, at or leave a message with Member Services. Thank you for your understanding until we can rectify the situation.

Kilometre Club

If you swim occasionally and would like to join our Kilometre Club, feel free to add your name to the sign-in sheet by the pool storage room. All you need to record is your first and last name with how many metres you completed.


Friendly Reminders

Please note that no outdoor shoes or alcohol are permitted on the pool deck. To help keep our pools clean, please ensure that you take a shower before entering the pool.

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For questions or concerns regarding news from Aquatics, please contact our Aquatic Supervisor, Victoria Mitchell, at You may also contact the Aquatics Office at 780.482.0396.

If you would like to contact the Aquatics Committee, please email All emails are confidential and are directed to the Committee Chair.